Do Hot Tubs Need Plumbing – Permanent Fixed Plumbing?

Are you considering installing a hot tub but unsure if it needs to have permanently fixed plumbing? Well, you’re not alone! Many people are confused about the plumbing requirements for hot tubs. So, do hot tubs need plumbing?

In this article, we will delve into the topic and provide you with all the information you need. We will discuss the significance of plumbing for hot tubs, the key points to consider, and share our personal experiences.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether hot tubs need permanent, fixed plumbing. Get ready to dive in and discover the unique value and perspective that this guide offers. Let’s get started!

do hot tubs need plumbing

Quick Answer:

Hot tubs are convenient and come with pre-installed plumbing systems, so you don’t normally need to install any separate plumbing. You just need a hose to fill it up, and for indoor hot tubs, you’ll also need plumbed drainage.

To drain the hot tub, you can use manual pumps or automatic ones that connect directly to the drainage valve. Safety is important too, so make sure all wires are protected from water and check local regulations.

Do You Need Permanent Plumbing For a Hot Tub?

Most modern hot tubs are highly convenient units that include plumbing functions and structures already installed within them. This means that you do not need to make any separate arrangements for a permanent plumbing connection going to and from the hot tub.

This applies to filling the hot tub as well as draining it periodically. Making use of the existing water supply structures in your house or yard is the best solution here and a great way to save money on additional plumbing.

This is also an effective way to save water, especially when it comes to draining the hot tub.

For outdoor hot tubs, in particular, it is easy to manage the water requirements without any kind of plumbing. Indoor hot tubs may need drainage – see the drainage section below.

What Water Supply Do I Need for My Hot Tub?

Most hot tubs are designed in such a way that you can directly install them at your desired location. No plumbing pipes or drains to install. Although you will need to consider the base for your hot tub. Oh, and you’ll need an electricity supply – but we’ll get to that in a bit.

In the garden or yard, you can simply take a hose and attach it to an outdoor tap while allowing the water from the other end to fill the hot tub.

If you don’t have an outdoor tap, it’s time you got one! You don’t want to be filling your hot tub with buckets now do you?

Some of the fancy – read really expensive – hot tubs do require a direct water connection. But let’s face it, if you are buying one of those you won’t be concerned about the cost of a plumber for a couple of hours!

garden tap for filling a hot tub

Does a Hot Tub Need Plumbed Drainage?

Draining the hot tub is a process you will need to carry out a handful of times every year. See how often you should change your hot tub water here. Installing separate plumbing in the form of drainage pipes might add to your expenses, not to mention that the hot tub doesn’t exactly need plumbed drainage in the first place.

Most hot tubs have a simple drain plug to allow for easy draining. You can simply attach a garden hose to the drain plug and let the water run out. If you’re smart and have let the chemicals dissipate before draining – you can use the water to irrigate your garden.

If not just let it run into the sewer drain.

To be honest, this method can be a little slow for my liking – especially with larger tubs. I like to use a simple submersible pump to speed things up.

For indoor hot tubs, you probably will need to have the drainage plumbed in. It will depend on the design of your tub – but you don’t want water spilling out all over your home!

drainage pipes

What About the Electricity Supply for a Hot Tub?

Smaller hot tubs that involve 110v-120v connections will simply work with the standard outlets on some of your walls. For safety make sure to use a circuit breaker extension lead, just like you would for outdoor tools.

However, for larger tubs with 220v connection requirements, you will need to make arrangements for a separate electricity supply.

When it comes to electricity – don’t take chances and hire a professional! If you mess up with the plumbing – you get wet. Mess up with electricity and … well!

danger sign for electricity


What is the benefit of a hot tub with permanent plumbing?

A hot tub with permanent plumbing has several benefits. For one, it allows for automatic filling and draining of water, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Can I install plumbing for a hot tub myself?

Unless you are a professional plumber or an experienced DIYer, it is not recommended to install the plumbing for a hot tub yourself. The process can be complex and requires knowledge of local building codes and regulations. Poor installation can lead to leaks, water damage, and other serious issues. For safety and proper function, it’s best to hire a professional.

Can a portable hot tub be converted to use permanent plumbing?

Technically, it’s possible to convert a portable hot tub to use permanent plumbing, but it’s not usually recommended. Portable hot tubs are not designed for this type of setup, and modifying them could void the warranty or cause damage.

In the End

Installing a hot tub doesn’t have to mean dealing with complicated plumbing connections! Most of them come pre-installed with all the relevant filters and other necessary features already in place.

Just attach a hose for filling it up and use manual methods or specialized pumps for draining purposes.

There are certain cases when more advanced plumbing needs to be put in place or an additional power supply is required. In these cases, make sure to hire a professional and follow safety regulations for the best results.

Thanks for reading!

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