Pool Chemistry 101

pool chemistry

A swimming pool needs a whole lot of attention. With regular cleaning, removal of debris, maintaining the right pH hardness, etc. ensuring that the pool equipment is functioning properly and overall maintenance, it might seem …

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How to Unclog Swimming Pool Pipes

how to unclog swimming pool pipes

Being a pool owner is one of the coolest things, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. A clogged pipe can be one of the most painful things for a pool owner as …

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Pool Stains and How to Remove Them

how to remove pool stains

Stains and discoloration on a pool’s surface can occur in a lot of colors and can be caused by a variety of reasons. Identifying the type of stain and determining its cause is crucial to …

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Pool Mineral Systems Explained

pool mineral systems explained

There are many different sanitation methods available to increase the visual clarity of your pool water and to kill off disease causing organisms in your pool. The pool mineral system is a low chlorine sanitation …

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Using Calcium Hypochlorite to Shock Your Pool

calcium hypochlorite pool shock

Shocking your pool is essential to keep away bacteria and algae. Calcium hypochlorite is a chemical compound that has been in use for centuries. It is a powerful disinfecting agent that effectively sanitizes your pool …

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