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Is there sand in your hot tub? Don’t panic – it’s a common problem! In this article, we’re going to dive into how and why sand gets into a hot tub as well as different methods for getting it back out.

For example, you can try vacuuming it up with a pool vacuum or using silly putty – whatever works best for you! I’ll cover how to get sand out of your hot tub using methods that really work.

Plus, I’ll provide some helpful tips so that you can prevent future problems with sand in your hot tub.

So if you want crystal-clear water free of any pesky grains of sand, keep reading!

how to get sand out of hot tub

Quick Answer:

If you have sand in your hot tub, there are several ways to get it out. You can drain and clean the tub, use a spa suction wand, pool vacuum, or silly putty for manual removal.

To prevent sand from getting into your hot tub again, make sure to regularly change your filter, use a pre-filter when filling the tub with water, and keep the area around the hot tub clean.

How Does Sand Get Into Hot Tubs?

Sand can be a problem in hot tubs and spas. It’s not great when you sit down to relax and feel that gritty sand rubbing against you! Here are some of the common ways sand can get into your hot tub:

  • You might live in a sandy area, such as near the coast. If your hot tub is placed outdoors, the sand might just be blowing into it. Simple as that!
  • If you have come into contact with sand, such as at the beach, playground, or even in your garden, you might end up spreading sand around in the hot tub.
  • The cover of your hot tub might not be secure enough, resulting in a build-up of sand even when you are not using it.
  • Some hot tubs have a sand filter system – if this is not working properly it can lead to sand entering the water from the filter.

In most cases, it just blows in or is brought in on our feet or swimsuits. It happens all the time so up next, how to get rid of the sand in a hot tub.

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Different Ways to Get Sand Out of a Hot Tub

Getting sand out of the hot tub is not just about your comfort. I hate the feel of sand in the bottom of my tub but is also an impurity. It can lead to other problems and even affect the chemical balance of the water.

Below I cover the methods I have used for removing sand from the bottom of my hot tub. The method you choose depends on how bad the problem is.

Full Drain and Clean

One of the best ways to clean the sand thoroughly from your hot tub is to drain the water out and give your hot tub a full clean. Now this is quite a bit of work so you’re only going to go this route if you have a pretty major sand issue.

Make sure you turn the power off before draining, then take your garden hose or any other pump and hose system and connect it to the valve. Start pumping and wait for the tub to empty.

It’s a good idea to clean or replace the filters and then flush the pipework. You want to get all sand out of the pipes and filters.

Give your tub a thorough cleaning and rinse everything out well before filling your hot tub again. See my guide on draining and cleaning a hot tub for detailed instructions.

Manual Removal with a Spa Suction Wand

If you’re looking for an affordable way to remove small to moderate amounts of sand, the spa suction wand is a great solution. The spa wand comes with a suction and siphoning mechanism – a bit like a pump in reverse!

All you need to do is pull the end of the wand so that the suction can suck in the sand from the other end. When it’s full, simply empty out all of the sand. This method is effective and helps avoid water wastage.

Use a Pool Vacuum

If you have or can borrow a pool vacuum, you can use this to suck all the sand and other dirt and debris out of the hot tub. This works great if your hot tub is near your pool. It’s quick, effective, and most importantly easy!

Connect it to the right valve and remove the sand using minimal effort.

You can also buy a hot tub vacuum. These are handy if you don’t have a pool vacuum. You can get hot tub vacuums that run on rechargeable batteries.

Give the tub a good brush down – including around the edges. Then make sure you run the vacuum around the base of the hot tub to remove all the sand. Job done!

Silly Putty

A cheap solution for small amounts of sand is to use silly putty. You might have some lying around if you have kids, but if not, you can buy it from a nearby store. Since it is waterproof, silly putty will easily stick to the surface while also allowing the sand to stick to it.

vacuum a hot tub removing sand

Tips to Prevent Sand From Getting Into Your Hot Tub

After removing the sand from your hot tub, you should ensure that you prevent it from entering your hot tub again. Here are some tips to help you keep the sand away.

  • Change your filter regularly so that it manages to filter out all the dust and sand from your hot tub. This will also help avoid any kind of build-up in the water.
  • Use a spa pre-filter, or hose filter when filling the tub with water. This makes sure there is no sand or debris coming in with the water. A dirty garden hose used to fill your tub will undo all your hard work!
  • Test and adjust pH levels to prevent corrosion of the pipes. Corrosion is a sure way to damage the pipes and result in gaps and holes that may allow the sand to enter them and, by extension, the hot tub. Maintaining the pH levels will help reduce this risk and make your pipes last longer.
  • Clean out debris around the area of the hot tub regularly so that the sand does not make its way inside the hot tub.
  • This also applies to your clothes (and feet); always take a quick shower before you step into the tub.
  • Do I need to state the obvious? Keep your hot tub covered when not in use! Duh.

The (Sandy) Bottom Line!

Sand can be a nuisance in hot tubs, but luckily there are easy ways to get it out. Completely draining the water and cleaning up is ideal for larger amounts of sand while using tools like spa suction wands or pool vacuums is great for smaller amounts.

Prevention is key – make sure to clean out any debris near the tub and change your filter regularly. Oh, and use a cover!

Now you know how to get sand out of your hot tub like a pro. With these tips, you can enjoy a sand-free hot tub experience!

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